Hemp+15 Protein Powder with 15 beneficial herbs

Vegetarian Hemp Protein Powder

For athletes, bodybuilders, slimmers, vegetarians, vegans, raw food eaters, low carb dieters, suitable for children as well, people with poor appetite or food intolerances, anyone who wants to increase their protein intake and reduce carbohydrates/sugar

FREE shipping at checkout and free recipes on www.PianetaCanapa.com. Are you fed up with highly processed protein powders full of artificial sweeteners, flavours and other chemicals, GMOs, dairy products, sugars?
Fed up with protein powders that make you feel bloated and leave a bad aftertaste? Fed up with protein powders that are not suitable for children? So Hemp+15 is for you. It contains 100% Natural Ingredients, only hemp and 15 superfoods and herbs.It is dairy and soy FREE, gluten free, NO GMOs, NO artificial sweeteners (NO acesulfame, aspartame, sucralose, saccharin), no fillers. Easily digestible. Produced in the UK
30 g provide 13.92 g of complete hemp proteins, only 2.64 g of carbohydrates and has a high fibre content, 4.9 g
Suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, slimmers, vegetarians and vegans, raw food eaters, food intolerances, low carb diets, even for kids as it's all natural. Hemp is good for you and good for the planet
FREE recipe book. See how to use it in tasy ways. You can use it as a normal ingredient in your food when you cook. It dissolves easily in soups, fruit juices, yogurt and milk (or milk altenatives). Make yummy smoothies!

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